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Why contribute to open-source code?

Open source is the name of the game. Gone are the days where proprietary systems and tools lend a serious competitive advantage to technology providers.

Instead, the ecosystem today needs openness and interconnectedness, true technical interoperability to function. Especially within the context of education and employment, this is not a zero-sum game. Projects that provide open APIs, extensible code, and are built on open standards will find great success and adoption.

Take, for example, the Web3 space. Everything, from code to communities, is open and inviting. Anyone can run nodes to help support a network, and anyone can contribute to these broad open source communities. New developments like NFTs are a product of this open-source approach; while many of the facets of NFTs are contentious, it's impossible to deny the resources and development that have been introduced by this innovation. Numerous new ways of thinking about digital ownership, decentralized storage, and value transfer have been pioneered on the heels of the introduction of NFTs.

Within the Web3 space, hackathons and bounties power innovation and engagement. Nearly every major platform provides funds to community members who contribute code, fix bugs, and develop new uses for the platforms. When development is open and collaborative, everyone wins.

OSMT.HACK, OSN’s first hackathon, is a prime opportunity to contribute to the broader community of open skills and competencies. By integrating new tech into the OSMT source code, community members will be contributing to an ever-evolving library of resources upon which innovative and experimental new solutions can be built. Serving as the architects of new systems allows developers to encourage and shape future development to suit broader community needs and incorporates different perspectives that can lend valuable insight in the design process.

Our four hackathon categories - Bug Bounties, OSMT Improvements, Leveraging RSDs, and Integrations - all can lead to major benefits to the OSN Community. Through Bug Bounties & OSMT Improvements, community members can help increase the usability and functionality of one of OSN’s most crucial technical resources. By contributing under the Leveraging RSDs & Integrations categories, we can further extend the open skills ecosystem, and provide simple pathways for educators, employers, and learners alike to benefit from open skills.

Join us for OSMT.HACK, where the OSN community can benefit the open skills ecosystem, win some of the $10,000 prize pool, and flex their creative muscle for the benefit of the learner-earner.

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