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Our Work

This is where the action happens. We take all that we talk about and put it into practice by testing theories and finding what works in real world application. In this space is where true collaboration occurs as we build bridges across the space between education institutions, employers, policy makers, and workers.

Image by Billy Huynh

Open Skills Pilots

Conducted in the spring of 2021. These pilots were to develop and publish shared open skill libraries of Rich Skill Descriptors (RSDs) and to learn common best practices to implement open skills with partners.

Collaborative Projects

Conducted in the spring of 2022. The goal was to accelerate the momentum for creating a more equitable, skills-driven labor market that matches learners and workers with skills-based education and career opportunities to the benefit of the individual, employer, and economy at large.

Community of Practice

Launched in February 2023, the CoP for Education and Employment is an exciting new series for OSN members to share strategies for implementing open skills and take action in building an open, inclusive network of mission-aligned people and organizations.

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