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Open Skills = Open Future

OSN Members Are Changemakers

No doubt you have read news on skills-based education and skills-based hiring.

But what does it all mean? Is there a way to avoid the silos and work together on creating a skills-based future?

We think there is.

Want to create a new way of hiring, educating, and conceiving of learners, workers, and employers?


Committed to reducing employment inequity by hiring for capability instead of degree pedigree or years of experience?

We are too!


We’re building a broad collaborative coalition—and we invite you to join us.

Membership in OSN is completely free.
The only requirement is that you are passionate about open skills.

The Rich Skill Descriptor (RSD)

An RSD is machine-readable, searchable data​. It provides context with things like workforce data, thus giving users a common understanding. It facilitates skills interoperability in credentials, education and training, job profiles, and learner records.
How? We use OSMT.

Learn more about RSDs

The Open Skills Management Tool (OSMT)

OSMT is free, open-source code to facilitate the production of RSD-based open skills libraries​​. OSMT allows for understanding skills in a portable, machine-actionable way. Explore the open skills ecosystem.

Learn more about OSMT

Open Skills Are Powerful

They help us describe work in granular, modular, and flexible ways. We use them to connect job descriptions, resumes and educational credentials in a more transparent way. This allows us to define, redefine, and adapt education and career pathways. How? We use RSDs.
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Benefits of Membership

Thought Leadership
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Your Open Skills Community Awaits.

Start your journey into open skills and help shape the future today.
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