The Open Skills Network (OSN) is a coalition of employers, education providers, military, and other stakeholders dedicated to advancing skills-based education and hiring. The OSN envisions a world where individuals are trained for in-demand skills and hired for what they can do.


  • Create the foundation to advance a more equitable labor market.

  • Empower learner-workers to understand and communicate the value of their skills, talent, and experiences.

  • Eliminate barriers to implementing skill-based education and hiring practices across industry sectors at scale.


Implementing Rich Skills Descriptors (RSDs)

Establishing Rich Skills Descriptors (RSDs) as the standard syntax for structured skills data.

Developing Open Skills Management Toolsets (OSMT)

Developing open, shared technology tools to accelerate the adoption of Rich Skills Descriptors and skills across education and workforce providers.

Creating a National Network of Skills Libraries 

Establishing a national network of open and proprietary skills libraries. 

Developing a Skills Community of Practice

Developing an action-focused community of practice to drive widespread adoption of skills-based hiring and education practices.