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A skills library is a centralized and structured compiling of skills data, qualifications and attributes that helps to create a unified understanding of skills for an organization in areas of employment need, curriculum development, job architecture, or competency grouping. 

OSN Community Library

We invite you to be a part of this page by sharing your published skills collections. Our goal is to create a directory of open skills for collaborative feedback and refinement. If you are interested in displaying your skill collections we encourage you to email us to discuss next steps.

Modern Library
WGU, a founding member of the Open Skills Network, has released a NEW group of seven collections for community review and invites you to participate in collaborative feedback. Your thoughtful feedback helps to improve and refine the skills in these collections. They are organized around occupational relation and affinity groups and do not specifically reflect the skills in any given WGU program. 
To visit each collection click the title. To provide feedback click here.

We're ready to show off your skill collections. Are you?

Do you have a published skills library or skill collection and desire to engage with the OSN community around refining it? We want to celebrate your achievement and give you a platform to partner with others here.

Start Creating Your Open Skills Library