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Collaborative Projects

These projects will help accelerate the momentum for creating a more equitable, skills-driven labor market that matches learners and workers with skills-based education and career opportunities to the benefit of the individual, employer, and economy at large.

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Goals for the Collaboratives

Collaborative Goals

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Spanning the Boundaries: Leveraging existing 21 Century Rich Skill Descriptor (RSD) Libraries to Explore the Implementation of RSDs for the Australian Education and Employment Ecosystem.

Edalex    Education Design Lab    University of Melbourne 

This project is a continuation of an Open Skills Network 2021 pilot. It will explore opportunities and possibilities around storing and publishing RSD collections for public consumption, processes for importing rich skill descriptor libraries into Edalex’s Credentialate platform and the creation of specific skills relevant to industries, organizations, or institutions. At project conclusion, in collaboration with our partners, Edalex will deliver an implementable roadmap for advancing RSD delivery in Australia with the potential to expand to international markets.

Automated Parsing Rich Skill Descriptors to Curriculum

iQ4    WGU

This project will concentrate on building capability into the Open Skills Management Tool (OSMT) that would use machine learning and artificial intelligence to look at course descriptions and return role profiles and competencies and skills so faculty could align their course learning outcomes to the desired knowledge, skills, and abilities. Participants in this project will also document their implementation experiences and share them for the benefit of the broader skills-based credentialing ecosystem.

Korus Connect Perpetual Professional Development

Edalex    Flinders University    Intrinsic Learning    KORUS Connect

Project partners will test a schema for mapping job skills to curriculum-based objectives, and learning competencies as well as trialing a model for classifying, recording, mapping, and recognizing informal learning. This project will demonstrate the potential for real-time recognition of learning.

Skills-based Workforce Development Platform for the Creative Economy

Advocacy Chiefs    Gladeo Inc.    
Los Angeles County Dept of Arts and Culture   Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation

This project will tag skills in all career pathways in Gladeo’s openly available career navigation platform, Data will be gathered from employers and government agencies and include all careers in the creative economy along with the skills necessary for these careers which will be a significant contribution to Rich Skill Descriptors and the creative economy.

Rich Skill Descriptors for Transdisciplinary Researchers

Waipapa Taumata Rau (the University of Auckland)

In this RSD Library Development pilot we will co-design a collection of researcher skills profiles with the research community at Waipapa Taumata Rau through a series of surveys, interviews and workshops.  The profiles will be assembled using new and existing Rich Skills Descriptors (RSDs) and aligned to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) Fields of Research.  Through this pilot we seek to expand the OSN RSD Library to include skills specific to transdisciplinary researchers and to demonstrate the benefits of aligning researcher skills to existing fields of research classification schemes. This approach will provide research organizations with a better understanding of development needs of researchers in different disciplinary contexts.   

Federated Rich Skill Descriptors Implementation for Microcredential Issuing at UW Continuum College

University of Washington Continuum College    Concentric Sky

This team will pilot the use of Rich Skill Descriptors (RSD) developed by other entities and examine how these skills can be linked or federated across instances of the Open Skills Management Tool (OSMT) and linked to Badgr-issued microcredentials. This project will provide a better understanding of how RSDs can be used from other organizations and built (or federated) into an organization’s OSMT instance to attach to microcredentials.

Pluralsight Skills Alignment to the Open Skills Network


Pluralsight Skills Content Intelligence team members will map a subset of existing Rich Skills Descriptors to 25 – 30 courses as well as the Pluralsight library to learn more about the process of organizing and classifying skills which will be shared with the Open Skills Network to help enable others in their adoption of Rich Skills Descriptors.

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