Open Skills Management Tool


WGU and Concentric Sky designed the Open Skills Management Tool (OSMT) to facilitate the production of open skills libraries across multiple industry sectors. Initial funding provided by Walmart will allow OSN to bring OSMT to everyone.

At the heart of OSMT’s functionality are Rich Skills Descriptors (RSDs): machine-readable, searchable data that include the context behind a skill, giving users a common definition for a particular skill. With the open source release of the OSMT, other organizations can now develop and collaborate on individual RSDs as well as on RSD collections.

The creation and release of the OSMT is integral to WGU and Concentric Sky's role as founding members of the OSN and serves our collaborative mission. Concentric Sky has also integrated the OSMT into its Badgr micro-credentialing platform, facilitating the creation of digital credentials that align to Open Skills.

OSMT is available under an Apache 2.0 license—that means it’s completely open-source, and completely free.

Key Features of OSMT

  • Ability to create, batch import, manage, and publish RSDs and RSD collections for use

  • Ability for an organization to publish RSDs

  • Search and filter available skills data

  • Supports standardization and consistency

  • Sharing of skills data to minimize the risk of duplication and human error

What is Open Source?

When it comes to creating technical solutions for the benefit of all learners, more minds are better than one. Transparency accelerates innovation and allows our learner-centered values, and the ecosystem around them, to evolve more rapidly. Allowing others to adapt and build on top of our technical solutions will garner adoption and facilitate digital transformation across higher education. At the same time, welcoming diverse viewpoints reinforces the growth of a more learner-centric higher education landscape.

The goal of OSMT Open Source is to:

  • Establish learner-centered thinking as the standard for technology solutions

  • Create a community of contributors with shared values

  • Share our work to generate goodwill and a sense of community 

  • Drive adoption of learner-centered technology solutions to rapidly advance innovation