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The Open Skills Management Tool (OSMT, pronounced

"oz-mit") is a free, open-source database technology 
that facilitates the creation, storage, and publication of Rich Skill Descriptors (RSD) for sharing and reuse

OSMT 3.0

Discover OSMT 3.0: Transforming Skills-Based Education and Hiring

OSMT 3.0, a significant advancement in open source mapping technology tailored for educators, employers, and the military. This new release is designed to enhance how stakeholders create, share, and utilize open skills libraries, pushing the boundaries of skills-based education and hiring.

OpenAPI Integration: Enjoy more reliable interactions with OSMT thanks to automated tests against the API, ensuring current and accurate specifications.

Expanded Skills Functionality: Responding to user demands, we've broadened the Skills metadata capabilities, supporting multiple categories and authors, which fosters more effective partnerships and collaboration.

Enhanced RSD Search Capabilities and User Paging Control: Find and access the skills information you need with greater ease and precision, personalizing your browsing experience to fit your unique needs.

Streamlined Workflow Management: Managing RSDs has never been easier with new features designed to improve efficiency and simplify operations.

Enhanced Export Options: With the new Excel workbook export feature, access your data in formats that best suit your workflow and compatibility needs.

Intuitive Category Management: Navigate the RSD library with ease, utilizing enhanced browsing features for a more organized and intuitive user experience.



Establish a community-based approach to technology innovation. 


Create a community of contributors with a shared data structure.


Share skills data for adoption and reuse in higher education and job descriptions.


Open innovation for rapidly responding technology solutions.

What is OSMT?

The Open Skills Management Tool (OSMT) makes it possible for employers, educators, military, and other stakeholders to create and share open skills libraries. OSMT advances skills-based education and hiring.

What is a Rich Skill Descriptor (RSD)?

A skill statement and associated metadata (keywords, occupation codes, alignments, etc.) that enables the interoperability of skills. OSMT uses the RSD standard to describe skills.

Skills Management Made Easy

OSMT is designed for a variety of users, use cases and support features like search, author, edit, organize, publish and more.

Create and Access Skills

A branded hosting platform for your skills definitions.

Integration Ready

Designed to fit seamlessly into existing technology infrastructure.

Open Source and Free

OSMT is available under an Apache 2.0 license which means it’s completely open source and free.



Ability to create, batch import, manage, and publish RSD collections for use.


Search and filter available skills data.


Ability for an organization to publish and share RSDs to broad audiences.


Support standardization and consistency.


Sharing of skills data for adoption and reuse.


OSMT helps to further the goal of a common skills language by organizing and sharing skills-related data. An open-source technology allows anyone to use the tool collaboratively to define RSDs, so that those skills are translatable and transferable across educational institutions and hiring organizations within curricula and job descriptions.

Let's get building. OSMT is ready for you to stand up and begin working on developing your own skills library.  

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