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Introducing OSMT 3.0 Elevating the Skills-Based Future

WGU is thrilled to announce the arrival of OSMT 3.0 release. With an unwavering commitment to revolutionize how employers, educators, military, and other stakeholders create and share open skills libraries, and advance skills-based education and hiring, this release brings new and enhanced features that greatly improve the user experience. 

We have listened carefully to users' feedback to create a version that will propel productivity and streamline workflows for the RSD library and collections. Let's take a closer look at some of the standout features: 

OpenAPI Integration: This release directly uses OSMT’s OpenAPI specification file for automated tests against the OSMT API, ensuring that it remains a current and reliable resource for interacting with an OSMT instance. This improvement provides meaningful confidence in the specification and validity of the OSMT API. We have also provided a version API, with full legacy support for unversioned requests. This allows the data structures in OSMT requests and responses to evolve without breaking the expectations of previous integrations. 

Expanded Skills (RSDs) Functionality: In response to user demand, we have enhanced the Skills (RSDs) metadata to support multiple categories, allowing for more accurate alignment and streamlined search for relevant information. Additionally, Skills (RSDs) now support multiple authors, facilitating partnerships and collaboration of RSD creation and sharing like never before. 

Enhanced RSD Search Capabilities: We understand the importance of finding RSD information quickly and effortlessly. With the new RSD result filtering feature, users can now refine RSD searches to pinpoint exactly what users are looking for, saving valuable time and effort. 

Improved User Paging Control: To provide a personalized experience, we have introduced selectable page size controls. This feature empowers users to customize the RSD listing page, giving greater control when interacting with the RSD listing pages. 

Streamlined Workflow Management: OSMT 3.0 now provides shift selection of contiguous RSDs, making it easier than ever to select and manage RSDs. Furthermore, users can now select all RSDs in a result set across multiple pages, simplifying large-scale operations and enhancing efficiency. 

Enhanced Export Options: We understand the importance of data accessibility, and that's why we are excited to announce the addition of the export to Excel workbook feature. Now, in addition to CSV, users can export RSD data to an Excel workbook format, providing users with even more flexibility and compatibility. 

Intuitive Category Management: Navigating the RSD library has never been easier. With OSMT 3.0, users can now access and view all categories in the Categories page, allowing for a more intuitive and organized browsing experience. This enhancement will enable users to locate and access category information with ease.

Categories in Collection: To further streamline users' workflow, we have integrated categories into the Collection page. Now, users can effortlessly view RSD categories present within collections, enhancing searchability and facilitating efficient retrieval. 

Additionally, to these great enhancements, OSMT 3.0 also includes several defect fixes and those improvements submitted during the 2023 Hackathon event (OSMT.HACK) such as the new recipe for deploying OSMT in AWS. This is incredibly valuable for organizations using and wanting to stand up their own instance of OSMT. To learn more highlights about this past event, check out: Announcing the Winners of OSMT.HACK! 

We are incredibly thankful for our OSN and larger OSMT user community including WGU’s Skills Architecture team who through engagement and feedback are helping us transform how we manage, develop, share, and maintain skills and skill collection data. We would like to mention the incredible work of the WGU’s EdTech and Engineering teams and their work to take these ideas and concepts and turn them into tangible and functional solutions for users. And, finally, our appreciation to the OSN Technical group led by Nate Otto, and everyone who participated and contributed to each of the improvements included in this release.

To stay tuned for the upcoming releases, provide feedback, or make suggestions for future OSMT improvements and enhancements, please visit these related resources:

· OSMT GitHub - check out OSMT open source information

· WGU Skills Library - check out the latest public skill collections

New OpenAPI integration in OSMT 3.0
OSMT 3.0 release update features

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