Rich Skill Descriptors


In order to create an ecosystem of recognition around skills, where Achievements, Pathways, and Learner Records make machine-readable references to skills and allow systems to take action based on the skills learners hold, it is important for implementers to use skills in common ways. RSDs build on CTDL-ASN to enable skill authors to publish definitions that can be referenced from digital credentials (including those that appear in learner records), pathways, and job profiles. Partners in an interoperable skills ecosystem may use CTDL/CTDL-ASN and/or other vocabularies and web standards to present skills descriptors and related concepts.

This information provides the Open Skills Network's technical guidance on approaches for publishing and making use of this data, taking best advantage of available data standards.The concept of a single skill or competency, expressed with rich metadata and alignment, is the foundation of a skills vocabulary.