*NEW* Pilot submissions are due no later than March 5, 2021

What these first OSN pilots are for:

  • Develop and publish shared open skill libraries of Rich Skill Descriptors (RSDs) that can be released under a creative commons license for ongoing use by the OSN community and all others.

  • Publish a validated RSD syntax and meta-data specification that can be implemented in various use-cases.

  • Test basic functionality of the Open Skills Management Toolkit (OSMT) to inform feature updates ahead of open source release.

  • Learn common best practices to implement open skills with mature partner networks to create an Open Skills Playbook and implementation guide.

  • Establish a coalition of RSD advocates to champion the use of RSDs to the OSN.




What these first OSN Pilots are not for:

  • To advance skills-based thinking for the first time at your organization

  • To sell your skills-based platform to a set of new users

  • To build your local employer or education provider network for the first time

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