What is the purpose of the verb in a skill?

The verb describes what the individual needs to be able to do on the job. Skill statements are developed by hiring managers, so while the focus or the verb educators would choose may be different, the skill is a source of truth to industry.

What is a skills library?

A skills library is a database of industry-informed skills and their baseline attributes and relationships that are organized to represent targeted industries, occupations, and job roles.

What informs the skills? Where are these coming from? Where are the details in skills coming from?

Skills are informed by industry certifications and licenses, job profiles and data, employer insights, industry and academic standards, and other relevant inputs.

What is the difference between a skill and a rich skill descriptor (RSD)?

A skill is the learned power of doing something competently. A rich skill descriptor (RSD) is made of the skill plus additional data that enriches the definition of the skill.