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Improving Standards for Competency-Based Training

This set of OSN Skills Collaboratives features a number of partners in Oceania. The collaborative ‘KORUS Connect Perpetual Professional Development’ is an Australian-based project, aiming to use RSDs to improve the recognition of both formal and informal learning.

The collaborative, led by Intrinsic Learning, includes partners from Flinders University, Edalex, and KORUS Connect. The OSN collaborative work is part of a larger effort to improve upon the Australian education system’s standard for competency-based training. By using RSDs to find a common way of recognizing knowledge development, this collaborative hopes to pilot a framework to more easily align job descriptions, learning outcomes, self-recognized achievements and more.

The scope of this collaborative will focus on material created by KORUS Connect. KORUS manages a network of school chaplains across the Australian state of Victoria. The organization wants to help improve both career opportunities and the professional reputation of their network, and believes that increasing the recognition of both formal and informal learning may help. By creating a set of RSDs for self-directed learning of chaplaincy skills that are independent of any institution, chaplains can update their resume in a self-directed way.

Similar to the other Australian collaborative, Spanning the Boundaries, this work will make use of Edalex’s technology to help achieve their goals. By utilizing Credentialate, Edalex’s ‘skills evidence’ platform, this collaborative hopes to streamline the process of skill recognition, resulting in a mapping framework that harmonizes job description outcomes and competency-based learning outcomes.

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