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Charting the AI Skills Frontier: The Convergence of Curriculum, Careers, and Competency

by Angela L. Hernandez, Ed.D, Senior Lead Skills Architect, Western Governors University

In the evolving landscape of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) holds a central position, reshaping industries and affecting personal and professional lives. With the growing demand for AI expertise, the concept of AI skills collections has emerged as a systematic approach to developing proficiencies in this domain. The AI skills collections were developed to address foundational, conversational, operational, and generative AI skills. The collections are organized groups of Rich Skill Descriptors (RSDs)that are selected to address specific objectives, guiding the creation of educational curricula at higher education institutions and aiding skills-based job descriptions for employers. These RSDs provide insights into workforce requirements, trends, and regional demands, ensuring the alignment of AI skills collections with industry and job market needs.

The strength of the current six AI skills collections lies in their integration within the WGU Skills Library – a centralized repository of skills-related data, qualifications, and attributes. This comprehensive repository enables organizations to comprehend the essential proficiencies across sectors, including employment needs, curriculum development, job structures, and competency frameworks. Academic institutions, like WGU for example, use the Skills Library and the over 150 skills collections to help design curricula that reflect the evolving requirements of employers and various job roles. By staying attuned to current and projected labor market demands, WGU can ensure their curriculum integrates skills to better prepare students for careers, like those driven by AI skills.

Similarly, employers' benefit from the skills library by creating job descriptions grounded in comprehensive skill data. This methodical approach helps them upskill, attract, and onboard skilled professionals. With AI skills collections and libraries serving as guiding tools, individuals and organizations can confidently embrace the transformative potential of a skills driven ecosystem. The future belongs to expanding the possibilities within this new era of technology such as AI. As we move into the future and the opportunities ahead, let’s consider how AI skills will reshape industries and empower the next generation of workers.

Visit the WGU Skills Library and explore the many skills collections available. To go to the AI Collection, locate and open the section: Specialty. Enjoy exploring the Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills collections.

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