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The OSN Workgroups are where the action happens in building the skills ecosystem of the future.
As a member you can lend your voice to developing and implementing a common skills language and open, accessible, machine-actionable skills libraries​. These groups are the place to share your talents, ask questions, and engage in lively discussion.


Governance meets to help set the structure and process for the administration of the OSN and to set timelines to move projects along in a smooth and orderly fashion. The Governance Workgroup manages the OSN charter, focuses our long term sustainability, and manages the development of open skills tools.

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Matt Gee
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Phil Long
RHZ Consulting
Deb Everhart
Credential Engine

The Governance Workgroup meets on an 'as needed' basis.


Technical is managing skills data and building the tools needed to utilize it. This workgroup is creating the complex syntax needed to standardize skill definitions and facilitating its development with tools that are open to the public. 

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Nate Otto
Concentric Sky
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Kari Glover

The Technical Workgroup meets every other Wednesday at 11 AM (Eastern)

Alternates with Open Recognition Workgroup.


Policy is leading the charge in advocating for a skills-based economy of tomorrow. This workgroup is identifying areas of opportunity in public policy to advance skills-based education and employment and workforce equity.

Scott Cheney
Credential Engine

The Policy Workgroup is temporarily paused while we identify a second workgroup lead.

The Policy Workgroup meets every other Monday at 3 PM (Eastern)

Open Recognition

Open Recognition is advancing acknowledgment of skills gained from informal settings. This workgroup is identifying cases in which worker-learners acquire skills from nontraditional job settings and learning experiences to recognize their legitimacy. 

Justin Mason
Clarkson University
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Julie Keane

The Open Recognition Workgroup meets every other Wednesday at 11 AM (Eastern)

Alternates with Technical Workgroup.