New Member Orientation

As members of the Open Skills Network, we’re passionate about skills-based education and hiring. It’s a fresh way of thinking about how we fill the workforce pipeline, and it ensures learners, workers, and employers alike have the skills and talent needed in a diverse economy.

The transition to this new approach requires significant effort and collaboration between employers and educational institutions. That’s why we’re building a broad coalition of stakeholders—and we invite you to join us.

Each month, we hold a virtual New Member Orientation for those interested in becoming part of the Open Skills Network. You’ll learn what skills libraries and data are, how skills are poised to become the currency of the employment and education marketplace, and how you and your organization can play a role in this exciting new frontier. Email to join the next event.

Hosted by Kacey Thorne, Director of Program Architecture at WGU. Recorded on March 30, 2021.