2021 Open Skills Pilots

Pilot Submission Details

Minimum Pilot Criteria

  1. Well defined open skills use case 

    • Preferably aligned to use cases identified by the Technical Work Group 

      • Examples: Tagging programs and/or credentials to skills using RSDs and/or tagging job roles to skills using RSDs.

  2. Experience in skills-based hiring practices in business and education 

    • Existing skills data, competency data or libraries not required; however, participants will be well served in taking an inventory of which aspects of such contextual data they have documented for their organization that can be leveraged during the pilot activities 

    • A general understanding of how developing RSDs will enrich the organization’s skills data workflows

    • Preference for organizations already sharing skills and competency data with other entities in meaningful ways 

  3. An organization committed to serving as the pilot lead 

    • Lead organization must be a member of the OSN 

    • Lead organization willing to explicitly commit their time and capacity to serving as the lead convener and project manager for the pilot 

  4. Shared pilot goals and understanding of expected impact 

    • Ability to articulate how a successful pilot outcome has the potential to improve the skills data strategy of participating pilot organizations 

    • Ability to articulate the future impact that open skills workflows will have on specific populations served by pilot organizations


Additional Considerations

In identifying pilots to support in spring, the OSN pilot support team will have a strong preference for pilots that have one or more of the following characteristics:


  • An existing coalition, initiative, or alliance serving multiple organizations with a targeted, industry-specific focus and identified open skills use cases 

  • Preference for well-organized networks of implementing organizations and partners who are actively experimenting will skills-based practices (e.g. a lead organization working with a network of 5 community colleges is preferred to each of those 5 community colleges running their own individual pilots)  


Pilot Support

Pilot participants will have the following resources to support their work that include:

  1. Coordination and administrative support (OSN Interim Executive Director and temporary Facilitator)

  2. Skills architecture expertise (WGU)

  3. Data collaboration support (partnership alignment, minimum data and systems requirements, technical advising) (Brighthive)

  4. Overall pilot facilitation and management (TBD)

Note: We want all of those things to happen for all network members eventually and soon, but first this first set of pilots, we have to keep the focus narrow, learn, and build from there to build a strong foundation that can benefit everyone. 


  1. Prepare a proposal articulating your organization’s reasons for wanting to participate in the pilots including:

    • A high-level overview of the sector skills on which you will focus

    • The number of team members from your organization and their roles

    • The number of hours per week your organization’s representatives will commit for the duration of the pilots

    • A brief summary of existing skills collaboration partnerships or cohorts that your organization has in place

  2. Go to the OSN Pilot Page and complete the Pilot Submission Form. Complete the requested information and upload your proposal no later than March 5

  3. All proposals will be reviewed against the criteria above by the OSN Steering Committee for approval in March. 

  4. Selected pilots will be contacted mid-March to begin work streams and publicly announced during the OSN At-large March webinar on April 22. (See overall timeline on OSN Pilot Page.)


How to Self-Nominate to Participate in Pilots

Pilot and Showcase Timelines

Pilot Calls and Selection Timeline

2/12 - 3/5




March to June

July 28 and 29

Pilot Submissions Due

Pilot Submissions Reviewed and Selected

Selected Pilots Contacted

Public Pilot Announcement and Kick Off Showcase

Pilot Work Commences

Skills Summit (pilot review and findings)