OSN membership starts with like-minded organizations and individuals like yourself who are working to build the skills ecosystem. As an open network, membership has no associated cost or fee. Join us today.

General Network Membership

As members of the Open Skills Network, we’re passionate about skills-based education and hiring. It’s a fresh way of thinking about how we fill the workforce pipeline, and it ensures learners, workers, and employers alike have the skills and talent needed in a diverse economy.

The transition to this new approach requires significant effort and collaboration between employers and educational institutions. That’s why we’re building a broad coalition of stakeholders—and we invite you to join us.

What to Expect

For those who would like to receive periodic updates, becoming a general OSN Member will subscribe them to all general communications, network-wide webinars and participate in new member orientation to better understand the OSN.

Each month, we hold a virtual New Member Orientation for new joinees to the Open Skills Network. You’ll learn what skills libraries and data are, how skills are poised to become the currency of the employment and education marketplace, and how you and your organization can play a role in this exciting new frontier.

Interested in Contributing More?

Join A Work Group

For member organizations and individuals who would like to contribute beyond general membership, there are four working groups (subcommittees)* available for contributions.

*Available only for individuals and organizations who are joined as general network members

and have completed New Member Orientation.


The Governance Work Group will establish and manage the inaugural OSN charter. The charter should solve for the governance of the OSN broadly, as well as the governance and management of


  1. the Open Skills Management Toolset (OSMT) open code;

  2. the OSMT hosted open toolsets; and the future tool sets developed by the OSN; and

  3. hosted associated open libraries. 


The Technical Work Group will support the development, piloting, and improvement of tools that align with the OSN’s mission including the OSMT and Rich Skills Descriptions (RSDs), through sharing and discussing applicable use cases, and providing feedback to enhance ongoing development.  


The Market Leadership Group will serve as a thought leadership generator, shape external communications, and act as a fundraiser for OSN. 


The Policy Work Group will guide OSN policy direction by identifying public policy gaps and barriers for skills-based practices to flourish in the future learning and earning ecosystem.


The Policy Work Group will surface concrete, innovative, and actionable public policy solutions to better enable and support skills-based practices.