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Engage with organizations and individuals working to build the skills ecosystem.
Membership has no associated cost or fee.

General Network Membership

As members of the Open Skills Network, we’re passionate about skills-based education and hiring. It’s a fresh way of thinking about how we fill the workforce pipeline, and it ensures learners, workers, and employers alike have the skills and talent needed in a diverse economy.

The transition to this new approach requires significant effort and collaboration between employers and educational institutions. That’s why we’re building a broad coalition of stakeholders—and we invite you to join us.

What to Expect

Becoming a general OSN Member will subscribe them to all general communications, network-wide webinars and participate in new member orientation to better understand the OSN.

Each month, we hold a virtual Showcase event to discuss a topic or give an update on an OSN project. You’ll learn what skills libraries and data are, how skills are poised to become the currency of the employment and education marketplace, and how you and your organization can play a role in this exciting new frontier.

Use of OSN membership for soliciting business detracts from and even jeopardizes our mission to collectively and collaboratively build open skills infrastructure.


We are therefore asking our participants to be considerate and refrain from using this forum for business solicitations.

Take Your Membership Further with a Work Group

For member organizations and individuals who would like to contribute beyond general membership, there are five working groups that you can engage with and share your talents.

Our Work Groups

Image of the Governance Work Group


Governance is establishing a charter and exciting direction for the OSN's future. This work group will determine an organizational structure to guide the coalition's work and manage the development of open skills tools.

Image of the Technical Work Group


Technical is managing skills data and building the tools needed to utilize it. This work group is creating the complex syntax needed to standardize skill definitions and facilitating its development with tools that are open to the public. 

Market Leadership Work Group

Market Leadership

Market Leadership is sparking the imagination of future partners. As a thought leadership generator, this work group is shaping external communications to tell the OSN story and recruit new partners to the cause. 

Policy Work Group


Policy is leading the charge in advocating for a skills-based economy of tomorrow. This work group is identifying areas of opportunity in public policy to advance skills-based education and employment and workforce equity. 

Open Recognition Work Group

Open Recognition

Open Recognition is advancing acknowledgment of skills gained from informal settings. This work group is identifying cases in which worker-learners acquire skills from nontraditional job settings and learning experiences to recognize their legitimacy.