OSN membership starts with like-minded organizations and individuals like yourself who are working to build the skills ecosystem. As an open network, membership has no associated cost or fee. Join us today.


The OSN is currently building a broad coalition of stakeholders interested in forming an alliance around open skills. For those who would like to receive periodic updates, becoming a general Network Member will subscribe them to communications and Network-wide webinars and allow them to join a working group. For member organizations and individuals who would like to contribute, there are four working groups (subcommittees).


The Governance Work Group will establish and manage the inaugural OSN charter. The charter should solve for the governance of the OSN broadly, as well as the governance and management of


  1. the Open Skills Management Toolset (OSMT) open code;

  2. the OSMT hosted open toolsets; and the future tool sets developed by the OSN; and

  3. hosted associated open libraries. 


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